Burmatown is founded by a mother and daughter who wanted to build something everlasting together. They started this journey in 2014 when the old Sea Thai location opened up. Both Jenny (mom) and Jennifer (daughter) both new to the industry decided to quit their normal jobs and take a huge risk together. 

Mom went through a journey in many different career paths to finally end up finding her calling in life. Creating and feeding people the food that she loves. Most of her culinary background came from home. She always loved hosting family and friends' getogethers so she could bring people together through her food. Jenny was born in Burma (Myanmar) and was raised to learn the traditional Burmese style of cooking. Through her years living in San Francisco, she also learned various other Asian cuisines, which she learned to love as well. The menu at Burmatown showcases both her traditional Burmese side, as well as her modern fusion of Asian cuisines. 

Daughter came from a background of working for a graphic design startup by day and bar-tending by night. She was always happy when around people. Jennifer wanted to start her career young and wanted to build a place where people could join together in one communal space. She researched day and night on how to start up a restaurant and when the perfect location showed up, took the risk and started the journey with her mom, which she considers her best friend. She now loves that she has a chance to build relationships and really get to know everyone that comes into the restaurant. 

Now, Jennifer and Jenny are so grateful to have this opportunity to share a handful of things: Family recipes dating back to Grandma, new innovative recipes from Mom, and building a COMMUNITY for those who enjoy food, wine, and a great time.